Event Spotlight – Rural and Remote Retrieval Weekend 17-20 May 2018

The Rural Health West Events team is heading back to the Pilbara to host the next Rural and Remote Retrieval Weekend Continuing Professional Development (CPD) event. It will be held in the Karijini National Park from Thursday 17 to Sunday 20 May 2018.  It’s the highlight of our event schedule and are sure it will be the highlight of yours too!

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The Location:

Karijini National Park is the second largest national park in WA. Its diverse landscape is home to rugged rocky terrain, incredible creeks and amazing gorges – making it one of the most unique and awe-inspiring places in the country.

The Content:

Participants have the opportunity to learn about managing medical emergencies in a remote environment with limited equipment, personnel and resources.

Develop abilities including teaching, teamwork, leadership, dealing with stress and uncertainty.

During the weekend, participants will face several scenarios and simulated clinical emergencies in a wilderness setting. The skills and knowledge learned during this event will apply to dealing with general practice emergencies that occur when isolated. Develop abilities including teaching, teamwork, leadership, dealing with stress and uncertainty, and understanding mechanism of injuries sustained in these locations.

Teams are provided with medical kits props during the scenarios to realistically simulate managing the patient in a real emergency. Each delegate will have the opportunity to play the ‘victim’ and be team leader. The weekend is facilitated by a team of experienced emergency physicians and general practitioners who have worked in rural and remote regions.

What they thought:

Previous attendee, Dr Jessica Smith, a rural intern, said that as a new doctor she tries to gain experience and enhance her medical skills through all possible avenues.

“It was a good opportunity for me as a junior doctor to take responsibility as a team leader and develop not only my emergency medicine skills, but communication skills as well,” said Jessica.

“I really appreciated the chance to work alongside and develop relationships with some very experienced medical practitioners.”

Rural Health West is the only organisation in Western Australia offering this type of unique event and is one of the leading education providers for wilderness emergency medicine in the country. Doctors from the eastern states and metropolitan-based locum doctors are also attracted to this popular event.

Dr Cathy Milligan, a GP proceduralist based in Margaret River, said that all the scenarios were very realistic and could be applied to real life.

“The location was spectacular.”

“We had a basic medical kit, so you really had to rely on your knowledge; it was quite challenging. We encountered a ‘major trauma’ where there were mass casualties and although it was emotionally confronting, we learnt a lot from it.

“Regardless of your experience, there are always new things to learn.  There is more than one way of managing a clinical emergency and you can learn a lot from your team members. Not to mention the location was spectacular,” said Cathy.

The Rural and Remote Retrieval Weekend is delivered by Rural Health West in partnership with WA Country Health Service.

To learn more about and to register for this event, head to the event page on GPEDU.