Frequently Asked Questions – GPs

What is GPEDU?
– GPEDU is a platform made by GPs, designed for GPs. You can view any kind of GP education event across all education providers –  whether it’s a conference, talk, webinar or a GP meet-up – making it a one-stop-shop for all of your education browsing. GPEDU is 100% free to use for all GPs and GP registrars! Leave those pigeon hole invites behind and save yourself the pain of searching the web and emails for your CPD and education needs and head over to GPEDU.
– GPEDU is modern and easy to use. It’s optimised for every device, so you can access GPEDU wherever you like!

Why do I need to provide my AHPRA number?
– GPEDU is designed for General Practitioners only. As such your AHPRA number allows us a way to confirm you are an Australian GP. We also have a commitment to our course coordinators to ensure that the audience they are promoting to are GPs only. Your AHPRA number will not be used for any other purpose other than confirming your GP status.

How can I get the most out of GPEDU?
– Complete your profile.
Enter your interest categories in your profile. Simply things that you are interested in or as part of your PLAN. By doing this it allows  the content prioritised to you, so that you can see the most relevant events for your learning.
Enter your RACGP/ACRRM number in your profile. This will help save time by sending this vital information to event coordinators when you register interest for an event inside GPEDU.
Add your postcode to your profile. This will allow you to search events according to your location and what’s happening in your state.

– Start exploring! Browse events according to your location, interests, what’s popular and whether there are CPD points attached. GPs can register their interest in an event on GPEDU, with the coordinator being notified by email or redirecting the GP to their online registration page.

How much does it cost to use GPEDU?
– GPEDU is free to use for GPs and GP Registrars.

Do you intend to keep it free to use?
– Yes!

What about my privacy?
– GPEDU takes your privacy very seriously, after all, we are GPs ourselves! We will help in suggesting events you may be interested in, to help make life easier for you and aim to keep the annoyance factor to a minimum!
Event coordinators have also agreed to our application agreement terms in using our website and you can check these out here.

Ready to get going? Head over to our registration and login page.

Have any questions? Drop us a line!