Medical Director Tips and Tricks



40% of Australia’s GPs (~17,600) use Medical Director as their electronic medical software, meaning that a large chunk of us are stuck with a program best optimised for Windows 95. While we spend all day wondering what it’ll be like on Best Practice, just be thankful you’re not using Zedmed.

If you are like me, then how you learnt to use MD was probably what your supervisor showed you or what you discovered on the fly. While these videos risk being another one of those avenues of learning, there are some tips that can make your life easier, meaning more time and less head-banging.

In these videos I’ll show you how I set up MD, starting with the settings panel in Part 1, through to documenting a consultation in Part 2.

If you have any new GP registrars starting soon, make sure to have them watch these videos – it’ll probably save you time on orientation day.

A really useful add-on to Medical Director (and Best Practice) is a third party software called Doctors Control Panel (DCP).  This allows you to automate patient analysis to assist management of preventative care via, a highly informative and visual window that overlays the EMR.

If you have any other MD tips or hints, please share them in the comments below. Happy documenting!

Dr Ashley Ng is a GP supervisor and co-founder of GPEDU, a website helping GPs find education events around Australia.